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Differences between professional cleaners Deptford services

Deptford is a district that forms part of south-east London, England and has various professional cleaning companies operating in the area, specializing in different types of cleaning.

We from Mighty cleaners Deptford have certain criteria and standards which we adhere too. We have very strict criteria that we apply before we appoint anybody who will be sent to your house. You can be assured that the person has been thoroughly vetted, references checked and insured before we get appointed. We interview the person applying for a position at their own homes so that their personal cleaning can be observed and evaluated. This will ensure that you get somebody that can clean a home properly. You will of benefit in various ways if you make use of the services in Deptford like the following:

Once you have decided to use us you will have the secure knowledge that for the term of the contract entered into the agency rate will remain at a fixed rate.
The house cleaners are all from the Deptford area so travelling will be minimized, with the benefit of saving on fuel.
The cleaner you start the contract within Deptford are your regular cleaner for the period that you make use of their cleaning service if you have a problem or wish to change the cleaner it can be done. This leads to accountability and also foster better relationships.

The cleaner that gets allocated to you has been checked and interviewed to ensure that you get the best possible cleaning service.
We offer various types of cleaning services to ensure you get what you have a need for. We offer cleaners for a once-off spring clean of your home or if you need a daily or weekly service we will supply a pre-approved cleaner with references and the necessary public liability insurance to clean your home in an efficient, safe and friendly way. There is also the added benefit that the cleaner can also provide at no cost to you an ironing service.

The pricing of our service offers the option that the more hours you make use of their services the less you pay per hour.
We provide all the necessary domestic cleaning services a household may require and it is indeed a comfort to know that the same person whom you met beforehand will clean your home.

Cleaning services Deptford

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All our cleaners are fully insured, vetted and checked. We will send you a dedicated cleaners to your property in Deptford with professional equipment.

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